• Grocery

    Imported and locally made speciality foods including our own "Goats on Roof" brand, approved by the goats themselves!

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  • Souvenirs

    Bring a bit of Coombs home with you with a souvenir featuring our world famous goat caution logo.

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  • Hand Painted Bowls & Dishes

    Beautifully hand-painted porcelain bowls and dishes in a varierty of styles and sizes.

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  • Mexican Glassware

    Hand blown artisan glassware crafted by expert glassblowers in Mexico.

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Gift Ideas

Robotime DIY Miniature Kits

Inspire your imagination and sense of wonder with these highly detailed DIY miniature... 

  • Speedcubes

    Based on the classic Rubik's cube puzzle, speedcubes are twisty puzzles designed to be solved quickly. Despite their name, speedcubes are available in plenty of shapes not just cubes.

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  • Wooden Puzzles

    Assemble and display intricately detailed wooden models with these laser cut 3D wood puzzles.

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Plush & Stuffed Animals

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