Classical Gramophone

$99.98 CAD

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This classical style working gramophone not only makes a challenging DIY project, but also adds a beautiful vintage touch to any home. You will construct everything from the distinctive horn speaker to the hand-generator equipped with a stylus needle. Once assembled, you can actually crank the handle to play music! A brushless motor is included to provide the necessary electric energy for the phonograph. More features include a volume control and micro-USB interface. It is able to play 33rpm / 45rpm / 78rpm records, and the package comes with a complimentary 7" record with three classic songs on it. Use the laser-cut wood pieces with the step-by-step visual instructions; everything you need is included and no batteries are required. This is one of our most challenging DIY gear machines, but the end result is worth it for music and vintage/antique objects lovers. Ages 14 and up.

Assembled size: 22.6x26.1x42.9cm. 

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